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Sparkling Wine: How to Get That Bottle Open…..And Keep Your Eye.

16 Dec

Here is a little quick tip about opening sparkling wine / champagne bottles.  While it is more festive to pop the cork with great fan fare, it actually reduces the fizz and damages the wine.  I read that a bottle of sparkling wine is under more pressure than an inflated car tire.  So, it is important to be safe when opening these bottle or else, YOU’LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT!

Here is how I open a sparkling wine bottle.  Cheers! (more…)

Sparkling Wine – An Introduction

14 Dec

For the entire month of December we are talking Sparking Wines here on The Sip-Worthy Cellar.  Our first installment is a little introduction into the decadent bubbly.  Did you know that Dom Pérignon (1638-1715), who is often credited with inventing sparking wines, was originally charged by his superiors at the Abbey of Hautvillers to get the bubbles out of the wine since the pressure in the bottles caused them to burst in the cellar.   The bubbles that we have come to enjoy were considered a fault…WOW! (more…)