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Wine Review: 2005 La Perla Del Priorat Noster Inicial

4 Oct

2005 La Perla Del Priorat – Noster Inicial is on deck for this week’s wine review.  This wine comes from  an area in Spain called Priorat (pree-ohr-aht).  Priorat, sometimes called Priorato, is known for its red wine production using the Grenache grape.  The Noster Inicial being reviewed is a good example of the complexity and finesse Priorat wines are known for in the wine world today.

Wine Review – Can Blau, Montsant-Spain

20 Feb

The Montsant region of spain is a relatively new wine area having been designated as a viticultural area in 2001. The land forms a horseshoe around Priorato, but the wines from the region have a clear identity of their own. Production is divided between cooperatives and family bodegas, which are often advised by locally trained young oenologists. Visit for more information.

Bigger Than Life: Spring Mountain Wines

27 Oct

Spring Mountain Wines

I had the wonderful experience of spending several days in the Spring Mountain District located directly above the Napa Valley.

I attended as part of the Touch the Terroir Program

sponsored by the Spring Mountain Winegrowers Association.  This crush camp gave me the opportunity to learn about the unique characteristics of the region and taste the wines they produce. The Spring Mountain District lies just above St. Helena on the east slope of the Mayacamas Mountains, which separate Napa and Sonoma.  The district’s elevations range from 400 to 2,600 ft.  Its location creates a very unique range of microclimates characterized by relatively cool days and warm nights (as the heat rises from the valley floor) in comparison to Napa Valley.  It is truly amazing to see the vineyards that line the terraced mountain side. The vines location creates wines that have intense flavors of black and red fruit with balanced acidity and loads of tannin. (more…)