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The Label Low Down: Reading Wine Labels

29 Jul

Have you ever walked into a store to buy wine and been overwhelmed by the wine selection?  I know I have!  Check out my new video on reading wine labels for some quick tips on understanding all the wine jargon on the label.

Independence Day Favorites

3 Jul

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY – Here are my Independence Day favorites. Check them out and enjoy. Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend – Brandon

101 Series: Wine Tasting 101

4 Jun

Welcome to my new blog The Sip-Worthy Cellar. I am very excited to start the series off with Wine Tasting 101. This video will be part of a monthly series called The 101 Series. As the name implies, a wide range of topics will be discussed, distilled down into a beginner’s level format.  If you have topics you would like me to explore in The 101 Series, contact me @