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Bortolotti Treviso Prosecco – Extra Dry

19 Dec

Prosecco..Let me count the ways

I love Prosecco.  Of all the sparkling wines out there, Prosecco holds a special place in my heart.  It is one of those wines that make me feel good when I drink it.  I think it is because it is so unassuming, inexpensive and delicious.  Prosecco is an Italian white wine normally made from Glera (“Prosecco”) grapes.  This Prosecco from Bortolotti was a real treat.  Bortolotti’s Prosecco Trevsio is produced extra dry, which confusingly means it is not that dry.  It is kind of middle of the road dry and not as dry as a sparkling wine labeled brut.  You can taste the sweetness on this wine and it makes a great aperitif (drank before the meal to stimulate the appetite).  It is fruity with a fresh acidity that balances the sweetness.  This one is definitely worth a taste. – Brandon