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2005 Blue Rock – Alexander Valley, Sonoma

22 Dec

Something For Those Special Nights

Most of the wines I recommend here on The Sip-Worthy Cellar are reasonably priced.  I make an effort to find great wines at great prices because I believe you don’t have to spend a lot of money to drink good wine.  However, on occasion I come across wines that are a little pricey, but nonetheless worth every penny - Blue Rock is one of those wines.  Priced at approximately $40, it is a great wine for a special occasion, dinner with the boss or a really “good” friend.  Blue Rock is a nice Cabernet Sauvignon.  It is full-bodied with loads of  black fruits (cherries) and mint.  The tannins are soft, but still provide a solid backbone to the wine.  I served this with a standing rib roast and it paired perfectly. No matter the occasion, you won’t be disappointed.  -Brandon

Wine Review: 2005 La Perla Del Priorat Noster Inicial

4 Oct

2005 La Perla Del Priorat – Noster Inicial is on deck for this week’s wine review.  This wine comes from  an area in Spain called Priorat (pree-ohr-aht).  Priorat, sometimes called Priorato, is known for its red wine production using the Grenache grape.  The Noster Inicial being reviewed is a good example of the complexity and finesse Priorat wines are known for in the wine world today.

Wine Review – The Riddler Napa Valley Red – Lot One

24 Aug

This was a fun wine for me to drink because I enjoy a good riddle.  The wine producer, Stratton Lummis, challenges its audience to guess what grape varietals make up this blend.  The only hint they provide is that the wine contains “all the varietals you would expect in a Napa red”.  Here’s are my impressions – the wine is dark and opaque like purple ink.  The smell has lots of violets, spice, and red fruit (not to mention alcohol).  When I taste it I get raspberries, black cherries, and some plums.  The wine’s tannins are medium, so not too strong or overwhelming and the wine’s acid (think lemon sensation) makes the wine feel refreshing.  If I had to venture a guess, I would say the grape varietals are (1) Merlot; (2) Cabernet; and (3) Syrah. – Brandon