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Wine enthusiast Brandon L. Ford started Premier Cru Wine Services, LLC in 2005. Premier Cru is a specialty beverage services company that provides unique educational opportunities, social events, and collector services for individual and corporate clients across the country. The Sip-Worthy Cellar, Brandon’s blog, was started as a fun project to provide wine reviews for anyone who wanted to read. Brandon uses The Sip-Worthy Cellar to muse and rant about wine, tea, sake, restaurants, wine lists, books, news, and events.  Through The Sip-Worthy Cellar, Brandon hopes to provide clients and readers with a fun and down-to-earth perspective on wine, tea and other specialty beverages.


Brandon L. Ford – Wine Geek / Tea Freak

Brandon’s fascination with wine began on a summer trip through Europe.  There, he fell in love with wine and has been a student since.  While most of his knowledge has developed through tasting and self-study, Brandon holds an Advanced Certificate in Wine and Spirits from the London based Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) and is a Certified Spanish Wine Educator.  Currently, Brandon is preparing for his diploma of wine through WSET.  Brandon’s wine knowledge has allowed him to provide counsel to both individual and corporate clients for receptions, lunches, and dinner parties.   Brandon also provides education consulting services for wine retail organizations.  Brandon is currently a wine consultant and teacher with the American Wine School (www.americanwineschool.com).  For more information about his services, please contact Brandon at: bford@pcwinejournal.com.


The Sip-Worthy Cellar is committed to providing thoughtful commentary.  Premier Cru doesn’t prescribe to the traditional pomp and circumstance surrounding wine and tea.  We believe wine and tea can be appreciated in a way that is fun, unintimidating, and educational.  Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing and enjoying both beverages.  As a general rule, we do not provide numerical ratings or other scores on the wines we review on The Sip-Worthy Cellar.  We think it is too difficult to apply such objective standards to something as personal as wine.  We use the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Tasting Method and endeavor to provide our written tasting notes for each wine we review.   Most of our wine reviews are not done blind.  This is because we generally provide “on the scene” notes through Twitter® and Facebook®.  Our Wine of the Week is conducted blind as to price only.  In addition, on occasion we conduct full blind tastings.  In those instances, the blind tastings are conducted with other similar wines (varietal and price).


Samples – We do accept samples for review, but reserve the right not to review them.

Advertising – We also accept wine and food related advertising.

Affiliates – We are an affiliate of the following companies: Amazon.com and Wine.com (Brandon’s plan is to retire to a private island with the riches he brings in from these two programs…in approximately 278 years!)

Editorial Comments – We reserve the right in our sole discretion to edit and/or delete comments that appear on this site if they are deemed offensive and/or purely self-promoting.

For more information please contact Brandon at: bford@pcwinejournal.com.